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Puppy Preschool

laugh, have fun, socialise your puppy and learn tips and commands to help you survive the 'puppy season'

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puppies aged 8-16weeks

Puppy school is the best way to give your puppy the best start in life!


Over four consecutive weeks you will learn about canine health, socialisation, basic commands, at home training tips and tricks and canine behaviour. Introducing your puppy to different breeds, people, objects and environments is a fantastic start, and puppy school allows you to do so in a safe and controlled environment.

Puppy-hood is fun, but totally hard! Because of this we go through some of the more frustrating puppy topics to help all owners including; puppy biting, toilet training, jumping, crate training, digging and more.


We have lots of fun while learning, win some prizes, take your puppy through an obstacle course and learn techniques on how to reduce anxieties in our pets. No question is a silly question, so ask anything at all, make friends, make puppy friends and laugh lots!

4 week course
1 hour per week

Cost - $155 full course fee

** All puppies receive a puppy folder, weekly notes, photo graduation certificate, graduation pack with toy and puppy friends for life!

** up to $40 worth of prizes are given away on graduation night! Woo hoo

Puppies must be vaccinated for their appropriate age and veterinary protocol.

We DO take puppies after their first vaccination as this is better for socialisation purposes.

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