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pooch talk

Come and hear from local Behaviour Veterinarian Dr Findy Wills on a range of different topics. Held face to face at our space these sessions are perfect for all pooch owners, puppy trainers and veterinary nurses wanting to learn more about how we can help our dogs in everyday life.

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Pooch Parenting 101: Emotional Regulation with Dr Findy Wills

Come and listen to local Behaviour Veterinarian Dr Findy Wills, as she chats to us on equipping fur parents with tools to build their puppies' resilience, support their emotional regulation and navigate behavioural challenges.

  • What can we reflect upon when training does not seem to work?

    • Would you like to better understand and connect with your puppy?

    • Do you want to raise an emotionally intelligent puppy and learn the secrets of emotional regulation to better support your pooch and their behaviour?

Dr Findy Wills has a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Sydney with first class honours and a Masters Degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Findy started her veterinary career as a small animal veterinarian in Newcastle, NSW before working with shelter animals in 2015. In 2020, she started her private practice Let's Talk Paws - Veterinary Behaviour Services to provide behaviour consultancy services to clients and animals between Central Coast and Newcastle NSW.

In addition to her private clients, Dr Findy currently offers her consultancy services for RSPCA NSW Behaviour and Rehabilitation Centre in Somersby to provide post adoption support for shelter dogs and their new owners. Dr Findy is passionate about advocating for human-animal relationships and has a particular interest in the topic of attachment and emotional regulation.

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